Fundação Maitreya
Maitreya Comes With the Spiritual Order of Portugal

de Maria Ferreira da Silva

em 07 Jun 2006

  This book is dedicated to the Knights of the Order of Mariz consequently to the 144.000.
“Each religion offers the necessary conditions for the evolution of each human being, according to his characteristics and needs.”
The Order of Mariz has been working for long centuries in the preparation of this event. The collaboration both physical and invisible of its members has been felt along the Portuguese History, now and then appearing as heroes and warriors or poets, martyrs, geniuses or even humble beings who distinguish themselves by their humanitarianism.

Maitreya-Pintura de MariaIntroduction

Years of research and spiritual labour were necessary to find Those who I had not recognized actually because of my ignorance. Or rather, entire lives of dedicated service, some lived unconsciously, others being aware of the reality of spiritual aspiration for the Hierarchy, collaborating along the centuries for the benefit and evolution of the Planet.
The Masters are beings who, like ourselves have tread Their Path, some of Them on Earth, some on other Planets. Mankind, because of its low evolution looks at Them as supernatural and unattainable beings. Because of Their evolution, these beings became the Guides of Humanity, sacrificing Themselves in order to inspire men to perform the animal transcendency by means of devotion, to the consonance of their hearts, and through the Power of Service endowed mankind with the creativeness which drives us towards the affirmation of consciousness. Actually the human being is a being of Love in his potentiality.
It is when the “Isis veils” start being revealed, that the human being attains illumination and goes beyond common mentality and visualizes and realizes Truth in himself. Meanwhile humanity on Earth, is nothing but a “mass” of beings who little differ from one another.
It is only when man attains illumination that he gets away from that “mass” because he goes from human evolution to spiritual evolution, or rather, from the human to the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm the permanent state of consciousness is love. All men have to attain that state and that realm, the True Liberty.
Human words are too inadequate and poor to describe a minute corner of that wonderful and enigmatic world which dwells in infinity. They are too scanty to express the echo of the majestic greatness of the unfathomed realm of spirit. If we reason, only for a moment, on the concept of God referring to the reality of His essence, to the perfect law of His infinite Love, we shall feel in our spirit the absolute truth that all is light in His Light. All is in Him because He is the only Existent.

Under the inextinguishable strength of Spirit
All action stills
All feeling silences
Light irradiates, harmonizes
From the source of God’s Thought.
May all anguish cease
In this heart where the Temple of aspiration lies
And adorns my courage.

Predestined are the places
Neither in space nor in time
But in Infinity.


“After having chosen the Lord and the Guru
no retreat is possible. The path lies only
onward, and sooner or later with ease or
difficulties you will come to the Teacher”.

The happiness to find Him shall come to all of us.
I shall try to convey to the reader, in these pages, the joy I feel for having found Him. May the reading of these make men perceive their own value as human beings, the existence of their Will and Power, their Light, chiefly when pervaded by spiritual aspiration.
May the Might and the Light of God guide men whether Buddhist, Christian, Islamic or Hindu. Let us unite our hearts, so that even in this Era the various religions embrace each other in a common aspiration the Universal Religion. How beautiful the aspiration when focused in the Hierarchy.
This book is dedicated to all those who conscious or unconsciously belong to the Spiritual Order of Portugal, for here I shall give some light and understanding on the esoteric and spiritual path of the Portugal History.
As a daughter of a historical past, and being part of it, I am authorized by the Order itself to do it, for this book is inspired by it. I would never dared to do it, had it not been suggested. I am not gifted for literary works but have the intention to impart all the Light given to me, and if in this purpose I can help some to identify themselves with the Order, there will be great gratitude in my heart. Thanks to Master Jesus, my spiritual guide, Lord Maitreya, Master Morya and the Lord Buddha, this book could be written.
I would not want to write about myself out of pride for personal accomplishment, but as a spiritual entity that needs a physical body, giving support to the personality, in order to achieve the experiences it needs, by endowing the soul, having as a goal, the union to the Whole. It is With the purpose of helping that I decided to reveal some of my most intimate spiritual experiences. But who am I? This will certainly be the question put by many. I am just somebody who found her own self, and sometimes our example may encourage others. There are men who have not yet proven the saying of Socrates:
Man know thyself!
I have used two ways in order to know my own self: meditation and astrology. It is true that I abandoned the second one for reasons I shall explain further on, the first one has been my daily and chief practice.
Fundamentally meditation is used for the alignment of the lower bodies in man permitting thus the contact with the Higher Self. It enables the self to still the mind and thus get an attitude of equilibrium. It is the act of setting mind free.
Eight years ago I started searching for Truth yearning for spiritual life. I went through several phases, trod various paths and all experiences enriched and strengthened more and more my inner self.
I searched the cause of things in the great Law of the Universe using reason, looking for logic, or rather, trying to uncover the mysteries of man and nature. The human relationship based in karma and reincarnation is the key to reveal the great mysteries of ourselves. Having the knowledge of the karmic inter-relationship which links us to our fellow-men, helps the understanding of the aim of Life, of the impermanence of things, as well as the reasons which keep us attached to Earth. The law of karma is the infallible law which adjusts the effect to the cause, in the physical, mental and spiritual planes of existence. Chance does not exist, for it would cause the phenomena of the Universe to be independent of the law of order, leaving them in subjection to the blind law of chance or fate. Each thought, each act, produces its results which unite in the unending chain of cause and effect. The great law of karma reveals to man something about the structure of his inner self, and helps to master the external conditions instead of becoming enslaved by them. It is a relationship of cause and effect. In the light of this same law, it is easy to understand the reason of existence, among men, of wealth and poverty, suffering and happiness. Those conditions are part of the experience that each one of us has to go through, in order to purify one’s soul.
On the other hand the doctrine of reincarnation represents as a fundamental condition, a slow development by means of successive lives until the time comes when all shall reach the top of spiritual splendour, not understandable at present to human mind.
The process of reincarnation affects the Solar System, the Planet and man, animals, plants, and all forms of life. It is a vast and continual process of strengthening of individualization as well as purification, and in this process it is easy to accept by human mind all disproportion which seems to exist among human beings. We all have the same opportunities to use the Cosmic energy existing in ourselves (man in microcosm), it can be used in several ways in man.
The power of free decision also gives us the opportunity of choice, consequently we have to apply it wisely until we reach purification and way out from the round of rebirth.
Two beings guided and inspired me: The Christ and the Buddha. Two doctrines apparently different, but two beings in one Consciousness. East and West blending in me. By one, the daily Presence surrounding me by His Love, present in my mind and consciousness, either during meditation, sleep or vigil, and the understanding of unattachment, discipline and will by the other.
I started the “quest of the grail” when a stress was diagnosed caused by physical overwork. The illness was a means to call attention to something which, at the time, I was not aware of, I understood that the treatment should be performed at spiritual level. Through my parents who have always looked for spiritual guidance, I knew about spiritualism since my childhood. So I was led to a spiritual center. I was healed in four months and the inner awareness was remarkable. From then on I never stopped looking for knowledge, searching for books, talking to people who knew more than I did and, at the same time, I felt the urge to give help to others who like myself were looking for psychical and spiritual help. For two years I remained there, giving the best I could: the will to give help as well as faith. This center was a good school for me. There were honesty, strength faith and knowledge.
There I contacted for the first time, although unconsciously, the spiritual Order of Portugal. The affinity I was feeling towards the chief responsible members of this center, was caused by karmic links through the Portuguese history. Some are incarnation of characters from the past, although they are not aware of it, not only there can be found people who belonged to the Order of Mariz who took part in the glorious events during the Golden Age of the Portuguese history. They are scattered all over Portugal in a new mission, redeeming national karma, for we all contributed and are responsible for the ups and downs of historical events.
Once again the Order is giving an opportunity to the achievement of great exploits, this time more centered at the spiritual level, so that each one may find one’s personal Christ in order that the aspiration towards the definite reestablishment of the Fifth Empire may be reborn in Portugal. The Order of Mariz works at several levels, using the various vibrations and the different evolution of these members, some in spiritual centers, others in esoteric schools, including the great religions. Each one of us should try to know what kind of purification one went through in the preparation to a higher vibration. The more pure, the stronger the connections in order to collaborate with the Great Beings who are at the head of the Order of Mariz, either at an invisible level or at the physical one. That contact allows us to understand service and to take an active part consciously in the plans of the Masters.
What is this Spiritual Portuguese Order?
Few know its name for it is unnamed. The Order of Mariz in its external existence, had in the psychical plane, in Portugal, three names hiding the genuine one: The Order of the Templars, The Order of Christ, and the Order of Aviz. The Order of Mariz is part of a greater one which has been acting since the origin of humanity. It is a military as well as an initiatory Order. Its members, some heroes, well known to the human history, reincarnate, whenever necessary and karma permits, in a determined country to give it the necessary impulse. So we have the great epics, the great heroic deeds. One can see its influence in Portugal much before the coming of the Templars. Portugal is still part of the remains of the old continent Atlantis. Some people incarnated nowadays in Portugal had lived in that continent in the past. Great karmas were created there and their causes made us redeem them in following civilizations. The Order of Mariz made its presence obvious since the Romans were in Lusitania, preparing the previous events to the birth of Portugal.
We start with a great being, member of the Order of Mariz: the initiate King Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal as well as another member, the Great Master of the Templars Order. The Order acts very powerfully in the invisible planes and has its members collaborating very closely in the physical plane. Very few are conscious of its existence. Whoever knows a little about the esoteric Portuguese history knows who the initiates of the Order of Mariz were. Let us quote, for instance, some of the most famous: King Dennis and his wife Queen Isabel, who created greater karma with mankind during the time of Atlantis; Henry the Navigator at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Great dramas took place up to now for the reestablishment of the Cosmos energy corrupted since Atlantis times. The well known work of Henry the Navigator was, in fact, a relevant service both spiritual and material towards mankind through the impact caused by the Portuguese discoveries in the world.


“The law of karma as well as the law
of dates are similar to Janus-showing
two faces one generating the other.
Karma bears the fruit of action and
evokes the date of manifestation.”
“Leaves of Morya´s Garden”

I am aware of the way how the law of impermanence has been guiding my life. I understood that two years of spiritualism had been enough; it was then necessary to face by myself the negativity I was creating. I realized how dependent people become under spiritualism. So I became more responsible for my thoughts and the energy developed by my mind, recognizing, nevertheless, the work of spiritualism. This understanding came only to my mind after the development acquired during spiritualist séances. This means that I am not against it, it will always be necessary while there will be vibrations to support it or beings whose capacities for spiritual development are blocked up by illusion or Māyā, living in suffering and creating dependence upon desires.
Striving for new ideals, I resumed by myself the spiritual path, decided to prepare myself more and more in order to help others. Later on I understood this sentence: “to help others”. It implies, of course, good will, but it actually represents the conceit and vanity of our ego trying to disguise by camouflage the needs of our own personality. This shows us that it is we, the ones who are in need of others to prove and show them and to us, our own superiority. Great is indeed the illusion of human beings always trying to justify the support to their vanity and pride! Help to others should be given in a more global context e.g. the one who, owing to his life of purity and renouncement, is able to make others to ponder on his noble behaviour in life, so they take him as a standard. We have many such instances along the human history.
Meanwhile, I had been married for eighteen years, having three children, almost grown up. A happy marriage in which I had been always eager to give the best I could, for the purpose of my present incarnation is to give love and to be loved.
As my companion (for whom I feel deep gratitude and love) did not follow me concerning my new ideals, an abyss grew between us, making me anxious for liberation in order to dedicate myself utterly to spiritual life. In spite of having been part of my way, although less conscious of my responsibility towards the Creator, I felt that my karma as mother and wife had come to an end.
When I look back into the past and consider all the protection, or rather the good karma I created in past lives, I usually say that “God took me in His arms when I was born”. My life has not been marked by suffering except for a heart condition which has limited my professional realization. This condition made me lead a quiet life and has created an aura of protection from my family sheltering me somehow from worldly violence, giving me thus the opportunity to unfold my inner self.
After a difficult time caused by separation in marriage, I found myself living with my three children for two years. I shared my time between them and spiritual life or rather they were part of one another. During that time I had no connection with any spiritual group. I went often to town to attend lectures and meetings or to esoteric schools. There I met people with similar aspiration allowing me to discuss about the books I was reading and the inner path. They were interesting people. I met in an unexpected and strange way an astrologer learned in esoteric philosophies having a special as well as an uncommon mental and spiritual level and a mystical turn. I expressed admiration for him and with this help I started studying astrology. He was a special friend, a mark in my spiritual life, for since the beginning I recognized him as a disciple of the Master. Meditating together, we noticed that we were a powerful spiritual strength that could be of benefit to others. Then we started working consciously with the Master (Christ or Maitreya) in the service for others. That help was given through astrology in which we used our spiritual knowledge and taught the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation.
Astrology was a new field of experience and learning. It gave me the psychological understanding both of myself as well as of other people, besides the deep connection and correspondence of the stars and planets with man. The influence that the heavenly bodies emanate to the center of the Earth due to the effect of their power, brings about a continual variety of things. A being is born on a day and at a time in which the heavenly rays are in mathematic harmony with his individual karma.
With the increase of self knowledge, we gradually give chance to our free will expression allowing the possibility of chanting the most negative aspect in our astrological theme, helping thus and collaborating with the Lords of Karma.
I always had instruction during my sleep especially since I started leading a spiritual life; those teachings have been received more consciously, assuring me that the invisible planes are like a school to me.
One night, before getting to sleep I found myself in one of those state of doubt that sometimes used to assault me, knowing that there was something to be done, what? I could not tell. I prayed fervently in meditation the Lords of Karma to let me know or to understand- why was I still incarnate if my desire was to be in the invisible world enjoying celestial peace. One of those nights followed in which I have no dreams, sleep was sound as if my astral body was travelling in remote places. In those occasions I am aware, when I awake, of the places where I have been and to whom I have spoken. When waking up, still in a state of sleep mingled with vigil, I felt my astral body entering with force into my physical body, as if one had thrown it abruptly, and, at the same time, the Lords of Karma were saying: “now there! You give love, love, love!” A state of sublime comprehension and love followed anent the highest regions. Those words were firm and sweet at the same time making me understand that I still had much to learn and give. It was a new impetus to face life and take a more suitable attitude towards my own karma.
Another particularity of my friend, the astrologer, was to practise Latihan. What is Latihan? It is practised in Subud, a group of people connected to an Indonesian Master, who in his youth received from the upper planes a spiritual energy as well as the duty to transmit it to others. I am not trying to explain what Latihan means. You reach the understanding of that Divine Grace only by living it.
At this time I already was against the idea of groups for I had known some of them and noticed that even in the spiritual path there is greed for power as well as shocks of personalities which people are not always able to surpass. As I had decided to go on by myself I automatically refused the idea of belonging to that group, idea which was in my friend’s mind when he first spoke to me about Subud. Although his mental and spiritual capacities were amazing, his words were poor to explain Latihan.
Meanwhile out of curiosity I started practising a little Latihan with him and I could feel the energy in my inner self producing a change of consciousness as well as connection with God. Even so, I was still sceptical towards groups, when I had a dream which was quite revealing. Sitting on a rock and facing the bay at sunrise, at Cascais, I saw a very bright sun in front of me. Another sun was coming out of it moving as if it were an UFO; after revolving in several circles in the space it disappeared leaving written in the sky well drawn and big letters SUBUD. That dream was accompanied by love and well being feeling. Only then I understood how Latihan was real and true. Still it was not after that dream, that I did join the group. Some time elapsed until one day at breakfast time I received in my coronal chakra the indication that hour had come to join officially the group.
This book was not written to speak about Subud. Subud was only one of the steps of my progress.
It was the beginning of great spiritual experiences, for I started to feel the presence of the Masters and to receive telepathic messages. Their explanation is as follows: as I developed an energy of aspiration and of ardent devotion for the Masters`service, the vibration started touching the subtle planes, especially the buddhic and the causal one, throwing me into ecstasies which rose me to the consciousness of the Masters, Jesus and Lord Maitreya´s. At those moments I could understand what the Masters were telling me relating to the service towards Portugal as well as to myself.
The Order of Mariz drew near, making itself manifest by a touch of love in my heart, after which the trans- mission of messages followed. These states of love and bliss became usual for periods of one or two hours.
By that time I started painting in oils. I had never sketched or painted before; inspiration for landscape and art came all of a sudden and became a means of higher connection. Everything I painted has a spiritual meaning I felt the happiest being in the universe. Whenever I finished a painting I wept for joy for having been able to transmit to the canvas my inner creativeness. I felt complete.
It was during that period of time that one day, during meditation, I looked at Master Jesus´portrait and felt His love pervading all my being, love I had never conceived that could come from a Master. Then I understood the strength of love in its plenitude, given by a perfect being. Later on I perceived that the higher evolution a human being attains, the greater capacity he has for loving, because love has already been sublimated by his Divine Ego.
At that moment the Master told me: “you have reached the opportunity to meet me that you have missed in a past life”. I had come to His cognizance in the past and had a “fall”. In that same life I had the chance to be Milarepa´s disciple and gave it up, choosing rather a man’s love and getting involved in human affairs, which caused me to face, because of karma, following painful lives and to lose close contact with the Master. I was then taking another opportunity to strengthen the silver thread of connection to the Master. He spoke to me as well of my link to Him in Palestine.
As Alice Bailey says in her book, “Letters on Occult Meditation” p 274 “...the attention of a Master is attracted to a man by the brilliance of the indwelling light. When that light has reached a certain intensity, when the bodies are composed of a certain grade of matter, when the aura has attained a certain hue and when the vibration has reached a specific rate and measure, and when a man’s life commences to sound occult in the three worlds (which sound is to be heard through the life of service), some one particular Master begins to test him out by the application of some higher vibration, and by the study of his reaction to that vibration. The choice of a pupil by a Master is governed by past karma and by old association, by the ray on which both may be found, and by the need of the hour”.
In the past, I had seen the Master in a dream, as a child, I walked by Him led by His hand. I was so small that all I could see were His white robes from the waist down and His sandals. We were walking over a path of ground with many stones. Its meaning is not only the link to Palestine, it refers as well to my inner growth. Later on I had another dream in which I saw the Master showing me all the steps I had made in this life and telling me: “I have been with you always, even in those moments which you considered less important or more painful”.
One day, when I was reading a book on the Portuguese esoteric history, right at the first pages, I went into ecstasies and the Presence of the Master manifested itself. He spoke to me of my past incarnations in Portugal, of the ties to people who surrounded me in those times and mentioned the Order of Mariz. In those occasions of contact with the Master, the feeling of love is very strong and the inner feeling of well being and love last for many hours.
I gave that love to anyone approaching me and some sensitive people sensing it by intuition felt like hugging me. The first ones who benefited from that sublime mood I was in, were my children for they were in permanent contact with me. The day I took a vow to the Master, dedicating to Him the rest of my life, was one of the most marvellous moments lived by myself for the Master presented Himself with white roses to offer me.
At this time got orders from above to give up astrology. Being obedient I did so, but not without trying to understand the reasons for such advice. I do not have blind faith, I need to understand things logically in order to act if they are in accord with my inner nature. It was then explained to me that when we interpret an astrological theme we enter the negative as well as the positive astral karma of that person, and because we interfere, by influencing one’s free choice, we get involved because of karma, besides we suffer from the effect of its negative aspects, and sometimes it takes long to free ourselves from these influences. Moreover whoever gets involved in astrology, may remain attached for many lives to the astral plane for, nowadays, this science has not such great adepts teaching the deep and true astrology corresponding to the soul’s life.
Mundane astrology is practised and some astrologers still with many faults are taking the first steps in esoteric astrology. At present it is incomplete to meet the actual human evolution. For all this, and because I had to prepare myself for a higher spiritual work, I gave up astrology. While I studied and made astrological interpretation more skilled I tried to help people through it and many friends as well as their friends came out of curiosity about themselves. My interpretation was based on the aspect of karma and reincarnation, that is, past lives and wasted energies, the aim of the soul in this incarnation, the psychological disposition, as well as its needs in the various level, according to the respective astrological configuration.
It was certainly a very nice work, suitable on that occasion for my evolution as well as for my vibration, which helped me to know people by looking for as well as making the most of their talents, although I always think that their shortcomings have to be corrected by themselves.
I have learned in this field how much Macrocosm and Microcosm or man and the planets have in common.
“From Orion Constellation to man, there is an evolving process in constant activity, the conversion of the One in many. From Gods to men, from the worlds to atoms, from a Star to a flash of light, from the Sun to the heat of the least of the organic being, the World of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are inter-united. The law of analogy is the first key for the world’s problem, and those links have to be studied in coordination with their reciprocate relation”.
So we have the sevenfold chain presiding at the harmony of the Cosmos, ruling the law of karma.

1-Cosmic karma: which in the plane of emanation manifests the law in the absolute cosmic collective of time and space.
2-Universal karma: which expresses the principle of light in the collective universal aggregate in the spatial and temporal plane.
3-Planetary karma: That which manifests movement in the collective material aggregate.
4-Collective or Social karma: that which collects the manifestation of Law, Light and Movement, in the successions of happenings which shall express themselves in the collective ensemble.
5-Familiar karma: theA Expansão- Pintura de Maria one that expresses life in the manifestation of affections and feelings.
6-Individual karma: is the one that pertains to man linked to himself, facing his problems as well as his spiritual overcoming.
7-Atomic karma: the one which represents the principle of life in the cosmic collective Whole for the material formation.


“Evolution is so slow! The concept of
action should be completely revised.
Millions of people are asleep during
Their actions. The magnitude of spirit-
Creativeness is so beautiful!”.

My first experience with Cosmic Divinity was through nature. Being on the beach, I went into the water to feel its temperature on a beautiful summer day. First of all I felt a pleasant sensation and kept on going into the water without even thinking that I could not swim. Suddenly I became the water and the identification was such, that for a moment I lost awareness of my body. The love and the sweetness of the Entity-water absorbed my self completely for some minutes. When I started to be conscious again, (so to speak, for the right consciousness was the one I had when in the water), returning to the world of “māyā”, I felt anguish for not being able to blend totally and for ever with the water having my physical body as an obstacle.
Not yet recovered from that event, lying on the sand, enjoying the caresses of the sun beams, another union followed as I felt a connection with the Solar Logos. At that time all the universe was contained in my heart and I felt love for all beings. Words are powerless to express love coming from the Solar Logos.
Spiritual experiences my happen either on a beach, a bus, amidst a crowd or in privacy, whenever we feel inner harmony. Moments like those used to take place always accompanied by instructions which gave me mental lucidity, strength, love, energy and contentment when looking at the rising sun. But, things are not always so nice, and sometimes the negative consequences of our karma seem to get together, and we have we could call an unlucky day.
I was feeling rather tired a whole year of dedication to my children. As I needed peace, I had then planned to go, at Christmas, for a retreat in Fátima. The children were going to their father’s for a holiday. One day before the departure everything went wrong, making things difficult for me: water stopped in the pipes and the lift wouldn’t work. I lived on a 16th floor. Some hours had elapsed and I started being worried. Then I decided to meditate and amidst the chaos I had gone through, I received the best revelation I had ever had before. An energy entered my coronal chakra through a flash of clearness, making me understand that we do not have to repress or suppress our lower self, but rather sublimate it more and more, until it acquires a higher vibration enabling one to obey the Higher Self in total fusion. This lower self is nothing but our personality, which during each incarnation is gradually purified according to its characteristics for it is the personality which changes, not the consciousness.
By this time, I became interested in Buddhism and felt somehow quite difficult to understand it.
I ended up all astrological consultations but people went on looking for help, and I, having some of my spiritual capacities developed, gave them all I could. When giving help, I noticed that I was learning a lot about them as if I was reading their astrological theme. I was then aware of a spiritual invisible group, helping me with love in the Master’s name. Later on I knew it was the Order of Mariz. I cannot help mentioning the assistance given to me by my friend the astrologer, who had collaborated with me directly in the most difficult cases by coming to my place for the purpose. It was a wonderful work which filled us with joy and gratitude towards God.
I shall try convey one of the most delightful experiences, the most transcendent of all. Having had a day fully occupied helping others, and having been so blessed by Grace and spiritual help, I said a prayer thanking God for all the light and bliss received. I was raised in consciousness to the Divine Consciousness as I heard and felt I had not to be thankful for I was Him. It is hard to impart the transcendent, as this was lived and felt in His Consciousness in total fusion. For some time, loosing awareness of time and space, I was only spirit, light and love. In fact I was Him, and could not at that moment make the duality, because I Was. Then I felt the non-existence, I Was nothing, but at the same time I was All, there was neither me or Him but absolute fusion. This Divine Grace I will never forget.
I imposed myself strict discipline because I was quite busy with painting, the children, the other...
I used to get up, all year round, at 6 a.m. having then the unique opportunity to witness sunrise, a great advantage for my spiritual development. Of course I had problems like anybody else living in the world and having a family. I used not to identify myself with those problems, trying to solve them patiently trusting the strength of my inner-self and God’s protection. I understood as well that I did not need any more faith or Hope. God was part of me, my life was filled up with His Love.
Some people to whom I used to speak were aware of their connection with the past of the Portuguese history, some of them aware of their attachment to the Order of Mariz, and others unconscious of it. There were facts that led me to the knowledge of its existence. Without having heard its name, I painted a rose over a dark background. On doing it I ended up making it larger than I first intended, painting in it so many petals that without knowing how, an M as well as two centers came into sight. I loved to have painted it for I am very fond of roses. I gave it to a friend who noticed the M at once and told me that the rose was the symbol of the work I was to do later, with the Order, under the sign of Gemini. I felt a touch in my heart meaning that something previously known had a lot to do with me, when I heard, for the first time the name of the Order. From that day on, it started manifesting itself as well as becoming acquainted with me.
Then I spoke to the person who seemed to be more connected with it. He told me that the Order is active in Portugal at present and gave me also important information about it. All this happened after the Order had imparted to me, during meditation, what I was to achieve from then on. It was a very interesting experience because I was in deep connection with the Divinity. When I was told what should be done, I thought it so absurd that I was annoyed (it was the first time I heard such instruction and did not recognize it as such), because in spite of my being in such a state of high spiritual level, less positive influence might interfere in order to deceive or bewilder me. I laughed at those influences trying to drive them away, but it actually was the Order itself, and for three times I was told the same. I was so puzzled as well as surprised at such a responsibility that I always put it aside. Sometimes, during the day, I felt a pain in my heart as if my conscience was accusing me of some fault and whenever that happened, the message of the Order came to my mind, until at last I realized that the pain was caused by my sceptical attitude. I decided to change my point of view and accepted their suggestion. From then on a relationship of Love and work was established.


“It was never said to rely upon the Lord.
On the contrary, it was repeated, be imbued
with the Lord”.

I used to go out often to attend lectures. Once I attended one about initiation given by an expert in esoteric matters. I felt great spiritual affinity with the lecturer as soon as I saw him, and wished to join or to know the group to which he belonged. As it was not possible at the time, I forgot it.
A year had elapsed and I was invited to the commemoration of the summer Solstice in Sintra. A gathering of several groups met at a certain spot, from where they proceeded to the appointed place for meditation. The lecturer I had met a year before was part of the group. As we started talking, it seemed to me that there was a spiritual connection between us. A year more elapsed during which he invited me to meditate or to attend some lectures but most of the times I was unable to go. One day, talking on the phone we found out that we were almost “twins” for we were born on the same day within a difference of a few hours. So we spoke about astrology. Although I was not practising astrology any more, I explained to him his astrological theme and he came to my home for that purpose. As we were talking the Order of Mariz made itself present and we both felt that we were going to work together. We were both grateful and surprised, and when I mentioned the Order he was touched by emotion. We were then ready for work.
The first thing to be done was to be in harmony as much as possible between ourselves as well as with Them. The work with the Order was done in meditation, when together, or when asleep. When asleep, being aware of service, we both received identical messages or complementary ones. During day time, each one in one’s work for material survival was in spiritual or telepathic contact, so we were serving twenty four hours a day.
The Order made itself manifest with a touch in one’s heart.
My contact with Master Jesus and Lord Maitreya grew stronger with the development of the work and many things were revealed about Portugal and his mission in the Planet.

“Portugal will be the first territorial part
of the Planet to accept the Lord Maitreya as
His Emperor. In Sintra lies the chalice where-
from Light, Love and Benevolence pours out
towards All beings. Here, the Solar Logos´ heart
pulses in these Atlantic shores, the Head of
Message received from Maitreya.

Portugal land of Light, Key to the Fifth Empire, Camões expressed that same thought as well:
“Here, almost at the top of the head
Of all Europe, the Lusitanian Kingdom
Where land ends and ocean starts.”

“Portugal shall once be proclaimed Land of Love,
Peace and Justice, Therefore a territory under
Sovereignty where Maitreya's ensign shall be
Definitely hoisted”.
“We Portuguese are the bearers of Maitreya's Flag”.
Message received from Maitreya.

If on one hand we emphasized our love for Portugal by being aware of the responsibility for having been born here (as Fernando Pessoa said: “one is not born in Portugal by chance”), on the other hand, teaching was given to us concerning detachment from patriotism.

“You are part of God’s army, and are here in
Portugal as you could be in any other country.
United by a nation, by a planet, united by a
Planetary system...
Do not limit yourselves; The Order of Mariz is
Message received from Maitreya.

The order is constituted by the Knights of Light, who lovingly gave us their collaboration. An Angel connected with the service gave us His Love and Wisdom.
Asked about the future of the Portuguese race, Fernando Pessoa answers:
“The Fifth Empire the Future of Portugal of which I am not wondering, but I know is already written for those who are able to read it, in Bandarra’s stanzas, as well as Nostradamus’. That future means that we will be everything.
Whoever is Portuguese, is he or her able to live the narrowness of one personality, of only one nation, of only one faith? What genuine Portuguese is able to live the barren narrowness of Catholicism, when outside of it one should live all Protestantisms, all Oriental Creeds, all dead as well as living Paganisms blending them in a Portuguese way in Paramount Paganism? We have already conquered the Seas, we still have to conquer Heaven...”
About the Fifth Empire and ´Sebastianism', he says: “ instinct mankind hates truth, for it knows, by that same instinct, that there is no truth, or rather truth is unattainable. The world is led by lies; whoever wants to wake it up or to lead it shall have to lie deliberately, and does it with as much success as he lies to himself and convinces himself of the truth of the lie he has created. Fortunately we have the Sebastian myth, deeply rooted in the past as well as in the Portuguese soul. Our work will thus be made easier, we do not have to create a myth, only to renew it. Let us start to be enraptured by that dream, by integrating it in ourselves, by incarnating it. That done, by each one of us independently, by ourselves, the dream will pour effortless into anything we say or write, so the atmosphere will be created in which everybody as well as ourselves can breathe it. Then the unpredictable phenomenon, from which the New Discoveries will be born, shall happen in the soul of the nation, the creation of the New World. The Fifth Empire. King Sebastian shall have returned”.

For the achievement promised
To our proper winged effort
Unknowingly I summon all
(It’s the hour) here!

High purposes, secret, recited
Given in the tongue of Mystery
By soldiers nay, but Hierophants,
Of the Fifth Empire.
"Fernando Pessoa”.

This inter-relationship with the Order, the Masters and the Order of the Holy Grail was a karmic opportunity for evolution and higher connection. Our past association with the Portuguese history kept us here in this incarnation, while we would not pay out, overcome or transcend our debt of karma. After having obtained this knowledge it was easy to understand why were born in this country. I am particularly related to two periods of our history: one during the reign of King Dennis, another in the time of King John I. During the second one I had a good opportunity for evolution and service, in the course of which I went through great suffering.
There are certain problems in the human being such as anxiety, nostalgia, frustration, etc derived from past lives, which, when we are aware of the dramas we went through in the past, we transcend ourselves and leave for good. We can then understand with reliable lucidity the present and, who knows, perceive the future. It is by living consciously the present that we build the future, thus there is no need to worry.
Quality and solemnity were demanded for this work, that is why it was done by few, for it was essentially a labour of Love, as well as of dedication between the invisible and the physical planes. Detachment and renouncement of one’s personality as well as utter dedication to service were needed. I gave myself heartily to the work for I believed in it and chiefly in myself, although being human, sometimes we fail. Up to what point our personalities have meddled? Or rather shall occasions presented to us be related to unfinished work, karmic debts that must be completed in the present? The teachings received at that time were meant for reflection, for the expansion of the soul, for the responsability as a disciple, for Divine Love.
“It is time to understand the responsability and privilege of the Earthly incarnations”. Can the Master count on the disciple? What relationship must exist between both?
Superficially the answers are easy, but in the daily practice of deep spiritual communion it is necessary to have total availability and surrender to the Master, as well as to the work we are supposed to do. The second item is a result of the first one. If there is renunciation to one self and the devotion to the work and to the Master remains, Love starts to manifest between both which grows deeper according to the capacity of the disciple. Love; complete surrender of body and soul. May the disciple have the right to trouble the work either by neglect or by emotional problems or even forsake the Master?
The opportunity the disciple has to collaborate must be felt, in one’s heart, in one’s consciousness and in one realization, perhaps, a unique opportunity in many lives. The fusion and consciousness with the Master enable us to know and realize what He wishes. The disciple will not have doubts about what he is receiving, because then it is the soul that imparts the message to his brain. In order to attain that state of full comprehension one should have confidence in oneself, what comes from one’s state of purity, and also should believe in one’s own possibilities, as a human and divine being, that is, by living the Christ in one’s being. To be confident in God’s Plan means to be God, to be the Master. A disciple in such condition creates a radiation of Love capable of transmuting negativity all around himself, for Light is his permanent dwelling- a lasting state of being a “channel for the Master” both receiving and transmitting His energies.
Having chiefly in mind detachment as a goal, let us consider our permanent alignment to the Lord Maitreya- as ours is the path of renunciation to pleasure, good reputation, friends, and everything our hearts cling to. The more we identify ourselves with the denial of the self, the nearer we are to the Self. Peace comes from not wanting to obtain anything. Only then we attain bliss and are in all being without being in any particular one.
We all are Buddhas and Christs, but only some are aware of it. The objective universe ceases to exist when man conquers union. The blooming of the soul is the way of fusion of Consciousness. We have to let the soul decide for the personality, that is to say: to cause the integration of the personality in the soul.
“You have to be firm in the Light”, this was one of the messages of Lord Maitreya, or “I am Maitreya. Always live in My Name, always speak in My Name, I am the Love of the World”.
“Your Truth is Love, Love is Truth”.


“For why are earthly conditions too remote
from the high fiery manifestations?”

We received confidence, courage, as well as support from the higher planes, so we could be aware of our worth as human beings working in total trust in ourselves, and that the Hierarchy watching our work, was giving us all directions. All this because man always believes in his lack of worth having expressions like these: who am I, such an unimportant being to be noticed by the Masters?
That is false modesty and retreat from responsibility. It is time, once for all, moreover being in a crucial moment of the life of the Planet, to assume ourselves in full consciousness with dignity and solemnity in the cosmic evolution, giving the best we can of ourselves. We were often told: “Assume yourselves as Masters”. To be a Master, means to have humility with Power, sweetness with Authority, to fight and conquer, to be served and to serve, to live and to love.

“One should only be free of boredom,
which, like fear cuts off a great

We were taught about Divine Love, that Cosmic Harmony comes from animated principles spirited by the Supreme Will of the Law, and that Divine Mystery is achieved by a miracle of Sublime Love. From the infinity of the worlds the mysterious accord which reaches us with the harmony of a thousand notes blinding us to the ebb and flow of souls and fates. That radiant thread unites humanity to the Supreme Mystery.
God Supreme Bliss, Creative Fire enlightening all.
When the fire of love shines, it is possible to overcome all obstacles. The fire of love refines the centers and by this means they can be intensified. The one who opens his heart and fills himself with love sets his hopes upon the light. When we are imbued by the Light of the Holy Ghost, there is a permanent fusion of our consciousness in Divinity, allowing the expansion of our heart, like a rose blooming to the loving embrace of the sun radiating its light towards infinity. To live in Christ is the real and true goal of every human being. This is the alchemy of all of us.
The alchemist must be able to liberate the essence (spirit) from its form in order to understand the law work the accordance with it.
The teachings coming from the Order of Mariz and the Masters concerned chiefly Love.

"It kindles hearts for the highest joy
and is thus indestructible. Thus, let
us expand the heart- not for Earth but
for Infinity”.

My heart was blooming in aspiration towards the Master, and whenever He manifested Himself, I felt Him both in my heart and my head. What He was imparting to me was understood simultaneously by my heart and my brain. I learnt also to think with my heart.
All life flows through one’s heart and through it, we reach the Master and True Divine Love. We must cultivate love in all being: in a bird’s flight, in a blooming rose, in the sweet sounds of music, in the inner self of another being, in anything that lives.
Love between two beings is nothing else but divine manifestation searching in the union of their physical bodies the fusion they unconsciously feel to be or having been, at deeper level, of one’s inner self with the Divine.
When the spiritual aspiration starts, then one looks for fusion no longer in a partner but in Christ. Fusion of the heart and consciousness with the Divine is so sublime and pure, that earthly love, previously experienced is but an ephemeral dream. The more we purify and transcend our sexual energy, the more divine love is manifested in our inner self, coming from our Higher Self; in that communion it is easy to reach the Master. Until we get at that exalted condition, human relationship is necessary because it is part of the Universal Law; we should never repress anything but rather sublimate and transcend it, what is only possible by acquiring self-knowledge which will be turned into wisdom. Sooner or later, we all shall take that step one day.
Tantric philosophy is interesting in its essence, practised or lived in its highest values of aspiration and sublimation. I came to the conclusion that the Tantra is akin to alchemy, that is to say, both are related. While the alchemist develops his practice trying to transform or turn vile metals into gold, (a process which can last for life), he performs simultaneously his inner self’s development. In this elaboration of the metals, when he attains the knowledge of the transformation into gold, he is no longer interested in it, for the transcendency obtained in his inner self is beyond material things.
Meanwhile we knew that more disciples would come, attracted by inner feeling and affinity with us. After some time, having informal talks with another friend, talks that always dealt with our relationship and inner connection (of each other) to Portugal, we reported to each other our spiritual experiences. He was interested in the work and so we became three.
At that time, I was totally available for my external work because my children decided to live with their father, leaving me free from family duties. Their reason for doing it was that, knowing that I would like to follow a spiritual path in full dedication, I would not suffer from the fact of being left alone. Their father, on the contrary was missing them much.
I agreed with their decision without showing how much that grieved me, with the help of my aspiration and duty towards the Masters. I was receiving from the Lord Maitreya how to detach myself from my children. Although it seemed easy to understand these teachings it was in fact quite painful, because when I was left alone I suffered a great deal.
The fight was not an easy one and I had to gather all my courage and will to be able to get over it.
I bought a smaller flat and set a room to be the cenacle, for us to accomplish the ritual and meditation. I understood how important ritual becomes for our inner development. Ceremonies are like a common ground of meeting with the devas. The ritual is the accomplishment of the forces’ balance between men and Angels. To recognize angelic beings and spirits of nature is the chief role of ritual. Getting in tune with those forces, our inner being develops and strengthens spiritual realization. It is necessary to be in total union during the whole time of the ritual, not only with our thought but chiefly with our heart. Solemnity, Serenity, Concentration, inner Harmony and Love. When we establish connection, the Angel of Presence on the altar as well as the devas of fire respond with love. Perception of this link creates discernment. The result of the ritual is the total fusion of our inner self with that same ritual by our becoming it. Marriage between heaven and earth.
It was a time of enthusiasm and love for life, which helped me to bear the separation from the kids. But nothing lasts for ever. In this Universe we are directed, as well as tides by rise and fall. When there is rise in life, that is, happenings which we repute good and make us happy, we should always count on fall because it will come anytime when we are not expecting it. A being who usually gets a higher amount of energy than the average people do, because of his pure aspiration, is undoubtedly prepared to face the opposite situation-an unhappier condition-not allowing to be touched by suffering. This is because the pairs of opposites like happy and unhappy, pretty and ugly, etc, are the result of illusion in the midst of which human being live at this period of earthly evolution.
If, on one hand I had confidence in myself as well as in what I was receiving from the Order of Mariz and the Masters, it was not so with my spiritual companions for they were not feeling so much the higher connections or perhaps, because by being men and less sensitive having stronger mind could be an obstacle to reception, chiefly the third element, who had certain doubts since the beginning. Conditions were somehow different as to the second element for he could receive and feel sometimes the connection to the Order and to the Masters. But if this work was for Portugal and on Portugal, it was also for our own spiritual growth. The disciple, at times, cannot bear the ordeal, letting the venomous snake get in: Doubt. Doubts of the third element arose as the work went on because, as he was not receiving directly the instructions, he could not understand sometimes why things had to happen in a given way. If this work was meant as well for our own spiritual development, it should naturally alter all our habits, concepts, ways of life, etc. Thus we find out that human being have great difficulty in leaving old things. When the hour comes to “tidy the house” inside ourselves, it can be very difficult to deal with it because deeply rooted affections and links can bring along doubt and unrest; so let us have no doubt. Therefore a spiritual path led seriously causes a radical change in our way of living and thinking; either we have the courage to face it and follow it with strong will and firmness or it is better to stop it and remain in mediocrity like so many.
To take a firm decision means never to look back, no matter what happens. Spiritual Path trodden seriously is quite hard towards our personality, while our soul sings hymns of love to God.
And, mainly, because the second element had to take certain directions concerning his own path and it did not, difficulties started to arise until the work came definitely to an end. Now the questions of the third element were: how is that, that having been working for the Masters the work comes to an end?
The Masters do not impose anything nor interfere with our evolution or even take resolutions which are of our competence. Our capacity to answer the Masters is slow at times, we only understand through suffering the directions They have been pointing out to us for such long time.
The following message was the first received from the Order of Mariz for the opening of the work.

The work has to be done by your own consensus.
We shall help without interfering.
Your key note is total impersonality.
Contact with us should be made in spiritual
Correct tension.
Work diligJesus e M. Madalena- Pintura de Mariaently in total dedication.
Confidence, Courage, Modesty, Love.


“The Omnipotent Splendour of the Father-commanded:
“That evolution lasts as much as one of
my breaths”-and in the unfathomed bosom
of the cosmic abyss by the outpouring of
His Will, the necessary conditions for
The carrying out of His Order were

The summer is always a dismal time in my life, it is the lowest point in my astrological theme, that is, when the sun touches the Imum coeli. There is little energy, at the time, for external blows, and I think it is a karmic point, for I was born with the sun touching the fourth house, or rather as it is, a high point because the sun passes again by the natal sun and being my anniversary I get more energy, so more karma may manifest itself at that period than at any other during the year. When the sun starts elevating to mid heaven, happenings precipitate, happiness overflows and my connection to higher planes is stronger. Of course the end of the work took place in the karmic point.
Now I was wondering why I had lost my children if spiritual work with my companions had come to an end.
But what do we know about God’s designs?
Each time we make a step we prepare for the next one. We also become stronger after having made mistakes and by experience. The Masters are very patient towards us; if we are not yet prepared to work directly with Them in this life, we shall be the next time. They wait, and when the disciple fails they look for another.

“But We leave him, who is not in need of
Our Boat, to cross the ocean even if it be
on a bamboo stick”.
“Pains are unnecessary where the
Cosmic Rhythm is not violated”.

I did not loose courage and went on, on my own, strengthening my inner self with meditation, discipline and selective food. During the night I could learn and receive help during my sleep given by the Masters. I knew which “Ashram” I belonged to the invisible planes. When I awoke I was always conscious of those planes, and brought with me serenity and love proper of those places. This state of mind on waking up helped me to bear all that at the level of the personality I was going through. Then I made a very intense connection with Master Jesus.
Things happen in life where illusion and ignorance are predominant, not allowing us to see reality or the real cause of such events.
A period of adaptation to a new phase of my existence followed, while I waited patiently for whatever future had for me.
One day a friend took me, on a visit, to the monastery of Varatojo near Torres Vedras. I felt a wonderful vibration in that monastery as I had never experienced before, anywhere else, except at the Sacré-Coeur. Entering the church, the wave of love and light was so strong that I remained ecstatic for some time, feeling like remaining there for ever. From that time on, an unconscious wish to be in a convent grew stronger and stronger so I was ready to listen to the Master’s advice.
Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to dedicate our lives entirely to God while in the world, for our material maintenance is pressing. Because contribution, by means of work for the world, is important and having some money, I decided then to start business associated with a friend. It was going to be my first clash with the world, and I should have to think what my occupation would be for I had never worked outside my home. When the business was nearly ready to start, I received from Master Jesus what follows: “at this moment you have two paths to choose one between the two: either the world or a nunnery”.
I was really surprised for I was not expecting to detach myself so early from my children. But, Beloved Master, how can I refrain from following Thee?
How can I be oblivious of Thy Presence, Thy Heart, Thy Light and Tenderness?
I considered the matter for a fortnight. What should be then necessary to do?
The answers from the Masters came in consequence of the inner acceptance I had made to such proposal. So when in meditation Lord Maitreya showing me the statue of Liberty, told me a firm categorical tone: “set yourself free”.
At that moment of the vision, I saw my renunciation to all my belongings and to myself. On one day in a state of love with Him, I received what I should do. Sell my flat and with that money look for the convent which He showed me as being in England. There was happiness and expectancy for the work to be done at the inner as well as external level of detachment, both in the area of the affections and the material one.
The enterprise I started was somehow difficult, for it is not easy for other people to understand that a person who has everything in life and is happy, may be capable to renounce everything for an ideal, mainly to one’s children. Only the love of God and the Masters could make change in me. Spiritual experiences and union with God grew stronger and stronger.
Before long, I had to understand that the sale of the flat was the highest point of renunciation, the starting point, besides my efforts in the achievement of such course of action. It was also necessary and very important, that my attitude should be a correct one regarding my renunciation, for everything depended on it. Then without fear, confiding in my own protection I undertook the way.
Many things started happening at the same time as it is usual in my life, in winter. The inner preparation was intensified. Besides painting, music was one the means used for that preparation. I became so sensitive to classical music that I could feel the angels as if they were the real musical notes, and started meditating on listening to it. I became thus more receptive to the higher planes.
Music is the living extension of the soul. It is a divine and sublime song inspired by the Creator to the soul, to accelerate its rise towards Eternity.
The ecstasy caused by music tends to manifest itself by degrees to the consciousness of Spirit; it expresses the harmony of the celestial spheres, of their angelic host and of the Creation of the Universe itself. It produces in the soul the dematerialization of the lower personality in order to expand in ourselves the definite feelings of the creator angel.
Music is an excellent means to cause the soul to reveal its most exalted moods.
I enrolled in intensive English courses and spent the rest of the time preparing to go to England. England, of course, but where? It is a large country. What kind of a convent was I going to look for? In this search I knew I had to be alone because my friends and relatives, if they knew about it would think it absurd, and would make difficult all my steps; I could only count on myself.
The Master warned me: “The flat will only be sold when you have all the elements in hand”.
It is clear for me that, all religions are valid, and although I am linked to Those who in the West are the Supreme Beings of the Catholic Church, and I had lived and still live in permanent contact with Them, it was in the Buddhist doctrine that I could find a better answer to my mental speculations. To the world, it may seem a paradox the Master Jesus having advised me the doctrine of His Brother the Lord Buddha, but to me They are equal; but for the moment and for the realization of my object and mission, it is a Buddhist community that offers the best conditions. Later on I could see that also because of karma it was Buddhism that suited me.
Buddhism has four lines, which was mine?
Here Lathian had a prevalent part to play, for by testing I could find the definite answers. But in order to reach that, happenings were clearly placed in front of me, so that I could find the necessary elements leading the way to the convent.
On a week end I went to the Tibetan Monastery in Algarve. I enjoyed my visit very much, and admire them for their capacity of renunciation to the world as well as for the life of work and discipline they impose themselves, but I came to the conclusion that their line was not meant for me.
I went to the British Embassy, to ask for addresses of monasteries in England. I was given the address of the Buddhist Society in London. It was a reference but it was not enough. I made the same enquiry at the British Library. That time it was shown me the book that I could not see on my previous visit and I got more assistance. Unfortunately there were no addresses. Next, on looking at the address of the Buddhist Society I saw the names of the Lines existing in Buddhism and was surprised to find that instead of three lines there were four: Tibetan Tradition, Māhāyana, Zen, Theravada. I understood at once that I had discovered something important because the word Theravada caught my eye. Having these elements I could make the test and find out which one of the four was suitable for my inner self and evolution: Receiving that it was the Theravada Line, I was ready to go to London to the Buddhist Society.
The flat was sold and, of course; there was a lapse of some months until the whole business was settled. I decided to leave for London in February to find the Monastery.


“Humanity cannot direct itself
to any goal without a
predetermined decision”.

I started to receive directions from Master Jesus about seclusion and more selected food in the beginning of December. I got more and more restrictions regarding my discipline every week. I started living in a condition of permanent bliss, the Masters were very close; time was spent in meditation or contemplation, a state of true happiness and joy in which the world ceased to exist I was only aware of it, for the normal needs of one who lives in it.
I could feel by intuition that something was being prepared regarding myself, as I did not know why Master Jesus was prescribing me strict discipline. I almost led the life of a nun in seclusion... until one day when in meditation the revelation came.
The first message meant for the external world. The Lord Maitreya imparted to me:

“I will manifest Myself in Portugal through
a Portuguese disciple, the magnetic conditions
are not yet created in order to do so,
I need to be desired and searched with much
Love for the preparation of My descend”.

I lived in a state of love and fully in His Heart for several hours having in mind a vision of a meditation in Lisbon in the open, where the message should be transmitted, came to my mind. Before acting I heard from the Master that nobody else should do it except myself for I had received it.
I understood as well that nobody would do it because they would not believe me. I would need great inner strength in order to undertake such engagement, so it was necessary to live in seclusion uniting myself even more to the Master. Whenever I dwelt in His mind, it was easy to achieve the external realization but also inner courage and will. The trouble laid whenever I reasoned at the level of personality and started finding logical reasons for daring to persuade other people to believe that the Masters were talking to me. Who would trust me? So the longer I remained in contemplation the more courage I would acquire.

“The thought of obedience to a Teacher
is strange to people. How can a spirit
be lost when the Teacher
is the leading Beacon”?

“The battle is not easy; one must
gather in one’s heart all courage”.

Then Master Jesus showed me and made me feel in my heart, how He and the Christ had united until they had become One, saying that, from then on, He would work with me in preparation for union with Him in order to enable me to a further union with the Lord Maitreya. In that feeling of Divine Love I wept out of happiness for I understood how much the Master loved me.
In that state of Love I heard the Master calling me MARIA. At that moment my name pronounced by Jesus, was like an echo of a sublime song both heard and felt surrounded by a profusion of rays of the most shiny and radiant colours. The fiery whirl of Light and the splendour of His voice brought to my memory, for seconds, something familiar to me. The Master was making me recollect a past life, in which He in that tone of voice called me. It was then I understood why I am Maria.
From then on the Master started to intensify my centres or chakras and deliberately, prepared me for the stirring of the kundalinī. On the first time that it happened, the burning fire of Divine Love was of such rapture in my body that I thought I could not bear such a strong light. The union to the Master left me in Supreme Bliss and, at the same time, I was frightened for I did not know what was happening; the experience was new and sexual energy was present.
The Master told me: “from now on you will never cease to search me.” And so it was, only the thought of being away from Him made me suffer.
During a month I had the gradual rouse of de kundalinī, with instructions from the Master as how to breathe, the attitude of the body, the use of the mind or imagination, and the purity I should keep in my daily life. The feeling of love was so intense and lasted for so long that I hardly needed to take food, only the minimum indispensable.
At first I doubted of my mental sanity, because what was happening was so surprising and uncommon that I thought of mentioning it to somebody, but simultaneously was so intimate that I understood it was an initiate’s secret.
The secret of the phallic symbol is one of the mysteries of the Cosmos; man can only understand it when he attains liberation for it is a secret and one should be prepared to be silent so that it will not be wasted.
The union with the Christ is achieved by all human and sexual potentialities sublimated and transcended... more I cannot say.
Human being have to realize purity. It is not the sexual energy that is impure, but the way it is used by man and the attitude towards it. It is not by chance that the chastity vow is the connection to the Master...
The true comprehension is that the energy should not be repressed, forgotten or turned into taboo, but rather used at a higher level. The more immaculate we are the more sublime states of love we live.
Some time ago I had read a book, by an Indian in which he mentions the awakening of kundalini. As he was not very well prepared, suffered a great deal, but his description of the energy acting in his body, was similar to mine. Although I felt a certain physical unbalance, it did not affect me psychically.
I was rendering this service consciously as a member of the Order of Mariz to Portugal. During that period Love was so enveloping that when I was walking on the streets, travelling by train or anywhere, love was overflowing towards all being and all things in which I could see God. Sometimes The Presence of the Master was so real that it made me laugh out of happiness and in those occasions I feared that people would look at me and find me crazy for laughing on my own. I tried to irradiate Divine Love everywhere to all. When I was walking I had the sensation that I was flying. Having this spiritual connection I never felt the need of an external life and seldom I would go out. Owing to the fusion with the Master, I acquired a new consciousness in which I skipped over some steps in my evolution as from them on I was always in the Heart and Consciousness of the Christ.
The chief task of the human being in this solar system is to cultivate and develop Love, together with the evolution of mind; that is, to direct mind towards the object of research is the way of discipline and control of mind to stabilize it in order to feel one’s heart. By doing so one searches God. The illumination of the mind by the soul in the true illumined man; thus we have the union of the mystic and the knower. The association of head and heart, of love and intellect the brain, the mind and the soul acting in the most perfect unity and synthesis.
Sirius presides to our Solar System. If our Solar System and the Logos are and have Love as attribute, the life of the planets of this system should be the development of Love, for we are the likeness of the essence of Love. We only have to be aware of that Consciousness.
I got in touch with people who seemed to believe me and knew about the Order of Mariz explaining to them my work and asking their collaboration, for the message should be transmitted to all in meditation, all groups and religions being together. The people I talked to were not in a condition to understand the message and did not recognize it as such. So they were not “called”. They refused their collaboration as well as to take part in meditation.
A special group is working in the world for the preparation of the coming of the Christ. Master Morya, Master Kuthumi and Master Jesus are specially busy in this movement. Those who are among the 144.000, are particularly working in it as well as the Order of Mariz, which is part of the former...
Those who had refused their own collaboration and did not accept the message, as they are not yet apt to receive conscious directions from their Higher-Selves, are unable to understand that some disciples do it already, being thus in the mind of the Masters. I understood how hard the true disciples have to work to make up for the deficiencies of false disciples. It is necessary for such work that men intensify their own vibrations and adapt them so that they might be useful when the Christ comes. For this purpose it is needed to face seriously the spiritual path, renouncing to concepts, mental laziness as well as physical desires and senses. Such purification demands, for some, sacrifices above their strength.
The order warned me and made clear, I could verify the facts through the “Lusiadas”,-that when in the past the members of the Order of Mariz were operating in the exaltation of Portugal, more exactly in the Ceuta Battle were Prince Fernando was made a prisoner, there were traitors, who brought about the misfortune that followed; those traitors called them-selves the true Portuguese and made themselves pass for members of the Order. Now, nearly five hundred years elapsed, they subsist in an unconscious and astral level; nowadays they are, evidently in a remission of karma but they pretend to be members of the Order of Mariz.
Engaged in the service and supported by the love of a friend who believed at once in the work, I had to look for help in those who by their simplicity and devotion volunteered to collaborate. They were not members of any either spiritual or esoteric group.
I managed to broadcast the message of Lord Maitreya by the radio, I wrote a circular and spread it in several places in Lisbon. But things were not so easy. If on one hand, I used my own will to perform this task, on the other hand I understood that it was part of my karma towards Portugal. I decided to face criticism as well as judgement, demonstrating to myself that I was courageous, being subject to all kinds of critique, disregarding any prejudice that might still remain in myself concerning society. Such attitude was a bold one considering my shyness, but “the common road does not lead to the mountain”.
Joy in such enterprise was the manifestation of the Creative Power. Happiness is based on confidence in the inner God and the oblivion of one’s self.
I had nothing to lose, either name, reputation or employment because high values supersede all obstacles of earthly life when there is a definite goal and a powerful will.
On the appointed day for the meditation I had summoned in the Edward VII Park, I was expecting to have some sound equipment to attract people who might be around, because curiosity can stir the human being, but the plan was frustrated; the technician did not show up and he never said a word about it. That was the first failure. The first drawback was rain. Some people and some friends to whom I gave the message showed up. We meditated for a while. Some spiritualist to whom I had sent invitations, at the last moment, received orders from the Centre as not to be present. What was important was that some people would listen to the message. At that moment union with the Christ was so strong that when I was transmitting the message, Love and Light poured from myself to those who were listening. Some could apprehend it.

“I will show My Shield to Him who is
on the way.
I will show it to Him who smites each
manifestation of selfishness.
I will show to Him who keeps an appointed date.
I will show it to Him who senses the path
of Service.
I will show it to Him who covers his tent
with My Name.
I will show it to Him who bears his shield
I have revealed to you My will- do not
transgress it.
I will lead you; turn not away nor rend the
web of spiritual achievement”.
“Leaves of Morya´s Garden”.


“Thus in the battle one should keep
firmly near Us. One must learn to
love the places close to Us, as if
nothing else existed.

At last I felt that I accomplished not a mission, but a duty towards Portugal and the Masters. I felt also grateful for the opportunity to serve once again the Order of Mariz.
I pity the Portuguese, who still live subdued at mental level by ignorance, in which, mainly the Catholic Church insist in keeping her followers. There is great devotion and blind faith leading people towards mental indolence. The Church does not allow free thought, everybody has to think in a catholic way, and as freedom is not permitted, apathy and resignation predominate. Value or the right to freedom of volition are not recognized to the human being. If we are made in the image of God, Divinity dwells in ourselves and that is: Liberty, Truth, Will, Love and Force, which may be translated into energy of aspiration towards God. Then, if we are all actually this, why all this resignation? We have Liberty to act, Truth to know by intuition, Will to will, Strength to fight and Love to give. Let us be strong to assume our misdeeds which come from our selfishness, pride and love for comfort; and above all let us give the opportunity for one’s free choice to be manifested. Let us leave mediocrity by using our intelligence.
I am not against the Church, nevertheless I recognize that its thought needs amendment in order to follow human evolution in this mental and intellectual development. Religions exist to give humanity an impulse, not to hinder its progress. Religions are necessary and they offer men, a way of knowledge and a process of evolution which can, as a matter of fact, accelerate the development of the soul. We had acceleration at spiritual level with the establishment of the cult of Our Lady of Fátima. It was necessary to lead the Portuguese through devotion to the enrichment of the soul, but the time is now ripe to use the mind together with devotion for the control of desire and emotion. People function too much in the astral plane acting led by sentimentalism not using reason or enough self-control of situations.
The great majority of people only think of God exactly when crisis arise, owing to suffering produced by themselves. At those times they resort to anything e. g. vows showing those painful scenes at Fátima of people crawling like animals, offending their inner self which is Divine.
All this happens because of lack of light on the subject. For how long are the Portuguese willing to be kept ignorant?
Anybody who breaks the laws of harmony or according to the expression of a theosophist (H.P.Blavatsky), the “laws of life”, must be prepared to fall in the chaos produced by himself.
We are stunned in presence of the mystery we ourselves have created and the problems in life we do not want to solve. Then we accuse the great sphinx for devouring us. Actually there is not one accident in our lives, there is not a bad time or disaster which the cause cannot be found in our own actions, either in this or previous existences. Most people are slaves of the atmosphere, the circumstances, customs, opinions, prejudice, affections and emotions, so, leaving no room for free will, they can not master themselves. Human suffering is the consequence of impulse attitudes, inconsiderate thoughts, conflicts as well as emotions.
In order to attain perfect health both physical and psychic, it is necessary to balance both one’s mind and emotions.
Happiness is a conquest based on one’s own fulfilment; one’s own expression; it is life manifesting itself in agreement with the cosmic law. Thus the individual finds the way leading to self-knowledge and liberation, but in order to achieve that, one has to know how to tread the path...
There is a truth, that dwells in the real science of our identity both internal and external, which is the essence of wisdom.
There is a path, the annihilation of the false self into the real one which leads the human being to immortality where all perfection dwells.
The true and only goal of the manifestations of Our Lady of Fátima, was to create in Portugal a religious cult to prepare the building of the Fifth Empire. Actually, Fátima became a field of powerful magnetic forces created by devotion and love, helping thus Portugal to get the needed purification of its astral field for the descend of the One who is coming.
The messages to the little shepherds were the means used by the superior forces to prepare the Portuguese at inner levels, to realize the inner Christ, so later, they may recognize through intuition the One who will come.
It is time to act consciously, having in mind high values and ideals in the building up of a new world.
“At times the Masters stimulate men”.
As to the message of Lord Maitreya, I understood that more disciples are receiving signs of His coming, but not all of them believe in themselves and have the courage to proclaim it in public.
When each one becomes aware that he himself can be the disciple in whom the Lord Maitreya says He will manifest Himself, and when he knows other disciples and feels with true insight their worthiness of the manifestation of the Christ, it is then that they will recognize themselves as being that block of Light expected for so long by the higher planes for the work to be achieved in Portugal. It is only then that the conditions for His coming shall be created, because as the Master Morya says: “even the bears know that they should swim together”.
One needs also to be aware that only when a disciple has the knowledge of what he is doing for and with the Master, he is a manifestation of His Light, because only He will give us the Power to speak in His Name. So when I gave the message about His coming, I was His Manifestation.
After this work, I was able to think about my new trip to London. The strength of the Master was always encouraging me saying that everything would turn alright as it proved to be. I felt very happy when I found the monastery. Besides confirming my visions I could verify that I received with precision what the Masters were pointing to me.
The religious life I was choosing proves that human being should not limit themselves. Being myself in the west consequently in the western tradition, I was choosing Buddhism as a support to my spiritual ascension advised by the greatest Initiate of the west, Master Jesus. Spirit has no boundaries, creeds or races. In their essence all religions have their purity, enabling human being to achieve the highest spiritual development. It is for each one of us to choose the one which suite him better and gives him greater opportunities for spiritual growth.
Renunciation is liberation of the Spirit, availability for the world of higher realities, claim for the true and supreme goal of life, Love. God’s Love.
Nothing is higher and more real than the superior feeling of a soul which achieving its divine awakening, contemplates once more in perfect harmony the Eternal Glory.
Here I leave a wish expressed in this book: that one day, those having a simple heart unite in meditation in a street in Lisbon and that the message of the Lord Maitreya or the Christ be transmitted.



Message received on the 20th of December 1987.


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