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em 22 Set 2008

  In its higher and spiritual aspect, Tantra transcends sex. It will be an illusion to think that the sublimation of energies, whether corporal, mental or spiritual, necessarily passes throughout the satisfaction of primal desires in a purported economy of efforts, when undergoing the tantric way. (Tantrism is a science of ritual, of special ceremonies and sacred acts, aiming to succeed a magical effect with the use of words and formulas in order to reach the contact with the transcendent).

The Tantric way is therefore a spiritual path. In an embryonic phase, it goes through that which sustains the animal life of man, which means sexual involvement, whether by physiological need or procreative need and, it can only be called Tantrism when it comprises already stages of study and practice of Meditation (Tantrism is a discipline of Yoga) where it thus begins, the conscious sublimation to reach one day the highest degree of detachment and aloofness from the practice of the base, which was the sexual force. If there isn’t a spiritual consciousness, the tantric practice is just a means of assuming that, which in the majority of humanity, is the current of life within the urge for satisfaction, not being necessary then to label it with pompous names with which, for instance, the West was never familiarized with.

It is an alluring delusion, because it implies a path which, by principle, doesn’t reject the basis of life, as most of religions and philosophies do – nevertheless it doesn’t reject it only from the point of view of its offset, since it is the way that will inevitably lead to asceticism, through its own practice, which is Meditation and not the sexual act proper. The true goal of Tantrism is to end in transcendence – it is the universal love: to love all beings without personal projection. Love is in the being who loves. The one who by sublimation has expanded his heart to the Divine, loves without restrictions, leaving behind the limited means of methods for those who delude themselves thinking they will attain something that way. He doesn’t look for others to love him, but it is he who loves, he doesn’t demand anything and loves without distinction: thus it is the love of the Absolute, the Infinite…
The Tantric way seduces man, since he finds a method that allows him to remain in his basic physiological needs without having to abdicate or moderate them, assuming himself able to reach illumination without the need of leaving behind the force of matter. This is a mistake. Matter exerts a magnetic and gravitational force downwards, which is caused by the Earth’s attraction and one runs the risk of remaining imprisoned in the inferior matrix of the body desires, exhausting the vital energies and affecting the brain, thenceforth being incapacitated to use one’s own intelligence to reach the illumination or the Divine. It is the way contrary to the purification of the body and the astral desires, opposing the detachment or aloofness from the pleasures of the world, which ends in exhaustion.

The biggest issue in man’s life, of all humanity in fact (man or woman) centres on the domination of one’s own life energy, which involves on one hand, the affective aspect, naturally benefic if not emotionally exaggerated, and on the other hand, rather worrisome, its bad use at the sexual level. Because of this energy, along millennia throughout many civilizations, dramas have occurred that marked the people for the incorrect and uncontrolled use of that energy, which drove and drives the people to the corruption of one’s own dignity for an instant of pleasure.
The key verb is thus ‘to sublime’, which designates the true means for man to learn how to deal with his own animality, through the resolute purification of thoughts and words, with inner restraint of anger, revolt and inferior desires, these also implied in the way man feeds himself.
In fact, the problem is not in the sexual energy (which is the energy of life) but rather in the lack of its sublimation, since the concept man holds in relation to felicity impels him to find it only through sexuality. Sublimation helps to understand, by one’s own inner realisation, life’s spiritual value and objective and how that energy can and shall lead man towards Dignity, Truth and Illumination. Love is part of this energy and it’s by sublimating it that this Love is developed, thus using the energy as a whole, through the heart in a gift to other, to others, universally.

Manifested life acts through the opposites complementing each other and we can even find in the oriental tradition the Yin and Yang, a formula comprising the whole structure of the Universe. This is how the equilibrium of the opposites appears: night and day, cold and hot, masculine and feminine, where the law of gravity rules the force of attraction, holding all the movements of this polarity. So, between masculine and feminine, man and woman, in interaction, vital energetic processes occur that contribute to harmonise the boosting of the ascent of those internal impulses, as much as physical, as psychical and spiritual, a process that never occurs between two beings of the same sex. The sexual act, between masculine - feminine is a conducting medium for that inner transmutation, resultant from the polarisation that will attract a fusion of energies, regenerating the human cells at all levels. This will be one of the important steps in the way of Tantra; the harmonisation between two beings (Śaktī and Śiva constitute the cosmic couple. The feminine consort of the rite converts herself into a Goddess in the Hindu mythology. The sexual union is transformed into a ritual by which the human couple turn into Divine).

For example, speaking about homosexuality, those exchanges of energy between the same sex do not occur to provide an harmonising effect for transcendency, they serve only to satisfy a tangible desire, without beauty and elevated purpose. Therefore, it constitutes a deviation from evolution and nature proper. It represents an inferior way of living, an underworld of rottenness, frustration and emptiness. Paradoxically, it will only turn into positive means by the negative, until one becomes aware of the uselessness of such inclination, since it belongs to the field of transgression. All that is against nature turns astray from the radius of harmony.
Once the purpose for evolution is not cultivated internally, with deep effects in the subconscious, affecting the Soul, the search for sexual stimuli and impulses will become increasingly more frequent and tiring, where perversity will ruin life itself, turning into a retarding factor in the path of ascension. One of the means for this is the search for more and more young partners, reason why homosexuality is closer to paedophilia, because, once the vital energy is not produced via proper way, the need to search for it in the libido of beings who still have it intact or in its purer form is thus perpetrated. Paedophiles end up exerting vampirism. The beings who exhaust themselves in a perverted life, by lack of love, do not produce their own energy of life and need to steal it from others – children are therefore the greatest victims, becoming forever affected in the brain, since through such violent acts and outside the proper age for sexual activity, certain neural connections become paralysed and the intellectual capacities become thus incurably destroyed. Paedophiles are from all kinds; they are heartless beings, polarised in the inferior pleasures, caring not which means they use to achieve their ends.

Therefore there is a great confusion regarding homosexuality. The manifestation of the feminine aspect in man encloses the mystery of human evolution itself.
In each life, beings proceed a certain purge of energies, since the reason for evolution is to reach a certain perfection or purity, by gaining virtues and so, learning how to live the right way. The reflexion of this is both in man and woman when manifesting a greater internal sensitivity, consequentially issuing a more feminine charisma, which becomes manifest in man as a gentleness of feeling and a recognition of one’s own subtler emotions. The problem arises in the concepts forever rooted in humanity about manhood. Nonetheless, the man of today, more evolved, does not identify himself anymore with the man of millennia ago, who functioned under certain parameters of violence and conquest in order to mark his territorial position in the face of environmental challenges. Nowadays, the need for survival is different, once he himself is different (for that reason we proceed the evolution on Earth) and throughout many lives, by purification, happened to develop more sensitive energies, usually attributed to women. Concerning the inner nature, man and woman are the same, but they react differently towards life, depending on the circumstances; man has more strength to respond to challenges than woman has, her being more fragile on the face of adversity.

The mistake then, is in the interpretation. One who becomes aware of his own difference, should know that if his posture doesn’t correspond to the average man - and in this case a matter of virility in face of the feminine sex is implied – it is in fact due to his evolutional progress, who fares on to be an hermaphrodite; the yet occult face of human evolution. His interior basic force contains already a feminine part, not that this constitutes a reason to become homosexual, true transgression over nature, but that it rather means the harmonisation of his own basic and spiritual energies (male-female) in order to realise, in a higher plane, the connection to the Divine Universe, where the difference between polarities doesn’t exist. Here then, the confusion and the mystery begin…
Man is turning gradually into an hermaphrodite, a state that conjugates the equilibrium of polarities, having no need to assume a woman’s posture just because of the fact that he has feminine sensitivity; he continues to be a man, but more gentle. The problem is in admitting to oneself this inner and outer sensitivity, since this is manifested through ways of dressing, talking, in the gestures and in the emotions he lives. The problem is that there is no instruction in society about such issue, since only when one proceeds consciously on the spiritual path, does one understands the inner transformation each being is subjected to. Today we hear about indigo children, but are the instructors aware of this mutation on the brain, which has occurred in previous lives and now, it’s bearing repercussions on the level of sexual energies?

Humanity bases itself on equalitarian concepts and those more evolved in this new structure of being have no one to help them understand this transformation. Therefore they end up suffering, as they are not like the ordinary man, not understanding the great richness they already acquired within evolution. Moreover, the hermaphroditic state implies a reduction or moderation in the way one acts in sexual terms; there is more purity, therefore the sexual energies are more sublimated and this requires a new care on using them. This is the reason why youngsters get into a real confusion, afterwards preferring to conclude that their tendency is homosexuality; it is fashion nowadays and the perverted take profit of it by turning humanity astray from its higher purpose. Then they pass to an unbalanced state, where they search for understanding among themselves, since many women haven’t yet understood this change in men, nor in themselves, keeping on wanting a model of man that confines with pre-established standards. Fortunately there are also women very much developed, in whom the main drive of a relationship is not the sexual function anymore, but rather the love and a higher purpose for living as a couple.

In fact, only those who haven’t got yet an understanding about the heart and its essence, love, do live in perversion. Love means to direct oneself to goodness, to love is goodness already. The evil ways are tread by those who don’t know how to love. These are the ones who wander without destiny, who are not able to feel one’s own heartbeats – to feel love within us is one of the most beautiful realisations and that is the essence of goodness. When there is still energy of vengeance, anger or violence of any kind for the satisfaction of personal pleasures, there is no love, for that is incompatible. Love doesn’t side with violence, since violence manifests itself in hatred, pride, envy, feelings of possession, impatience; on the contrary, the beings of love have serenity and carry in their auras energies of hope, determination, will, purity, solemnity, noblesse and a great irradiation.
This is how the path to Amṛta (Immortality - Deathless. The Elixir of the “Power of Life”, the elixir of Immortality, which is manifested in the developed man and woman, through their spiritual progression, an example for all those who still live polarised in inferior thoughts, already mentioned before.
Amṛta is an energy or a substance produced in men or women when a certain level of illumination has been achieved. It consists of sediments of subtle energy.

It should not be confused with the kuṇḍalinī energy (subtle energy located within the body and responsible for the awakening of spiritual perception) which is an energy of life always present with greater or smaller degree of activity in all human beings. It gradually awakens throughout successive lives, until one day in some life of greater spiritual development, a stronger awakening might expand the Consciousness towards the direct knowledge of God. This is, when one becomes aware of the spiritual path and of the Unity allowing one to reach a certain state of felicity and gradually get into Samādhi, states of Grace and well-being.
But the Amṛta, the soma of the Gods, the elixir of immortality only surges after one reaches the previous mentioned state concerning the awakening of the kuṇḍalinī, towards Samādhi. It is in fact a different state and it may be recognised by its potency (not energetic as in kuṇḍalinī’s case) but omniscient of beauty and intelligence, having a sweet taste, intense, of such a degree of felicity that the person has turned into sweetness itself. This is felt through the whole organism, irradiating from the vertebral column slightly above the place where the kuṇḍalinī energy dwells, which in turn corresponds to the crown centre, the cusp of the head, the Lotus of thousand petals. It is the meeting point of the three centres: body, mind and Spirit. This is the unification of the Ego, which expresses the consummation of the Spirit and its consequent liberation by gathering all the subtle vehicles, through conscious realisation wherefore the evolving Will is applied, bringing thus a constructive and elevated trait for one’s own life. Man or woman turn themself into a blazing and shining light.

Amṛta is the antithesis of poison. Every impure state of the human being still remaining, whether physical, psychological or spiritual, contains poisonous elements that represent blocking subtle energies affecting the mind and the heart. Certain foods, the tamasic and rajasic, can also produce actual intoxications in the organism, which difficult the production of Amṛta. Higher thoughts and altruistic actions are thus required.
The result of Amṛta’s production is the real living in immortality (the deathless) not as perceived in the West, as emphasising someone who became notable for some heroic act, either social or cultural in terms of prestige. The true meaning of immortality doesn’t necessarily imply the recognition from the world, but rather to recognise the within through spiritual realisation, as an immortal being who survives beyond the physical death as Being, Spirit, as one’s true essence. In actual fact we are not only in essence but plainly, in reality, a body entity, although with subtle ethereal and energetic substance simultaneously, in a existential reality of planes akin to that essence. To know this essence is only possible through a developing process and spiritual realisation, until one reaches the moment of producing the Amṛta; the elixir of immortality that exists, potentially, within each human being.

This realisation provides a state of supreme bliss, not only for certain periods, as in the case of the kuṇḍalinī, but constantly and irreversibly. The being knows that is living the super human nobleness, free from the restraining problems or existential hindrances of life.
Amṛta, the “Power of Life” or immortality – deathless, is realised when one attains an expansion of Consciousness that allows to understand, but above all to Realise, that life and death are one and the same thing. To leave a physical body, means to relinquish the bark, but life is not extinguished, a fact lived by one with plain Consciousness of the Whole.

«The fire of the Chalice represents the psycho-dynamics which ignites around it all energies. Through the synthesis of the Chalice, all fires, at different degrees, are directed by summons toward the topping off the Chalice of Amṛta. The fire of the spirit drives all energies. The creativeness of the Agni Yogī is thus definitely impelled. Thus does the Tara transmute into beauty. Humanity will comprehend the power of the transmutation. Verily, beautiful is the creation of Be-ness!»
(Agni Yoga - Morya; “Infinity - Book One”; ‘251’)

Translated by de José Carlos Rodrigues
Revised by E. Novo


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