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Maitreya Comes With the Spiritual Order of Portugal

by Maria Ferreira da Silva

in 07 Jun 2006

  This book is dedicated to the Knights of the Order of Mariz consequently to the 144.000.
“Each religion offers the necessary conditions for the evolution of each human being, according to his characteristics and needs.”
The Order of Mariz has been working for long centuries in the preparation of this event. The collaboration both physical and invisible of its members has been felt along the Portuguese History, now and then appearing as heroes and warriors or poets, martyrs, geniuses or even humble beings who distinguish themselves by their humanitarianism.

Maitreya-Pintura de MariaIntroduction

Years of research and spiritual labour were necessary to find Those who I had not recognized actually because of my ignorance. Or rather, entire lives of dedicated service, some lived unconsciously, others being aware of the reality of spiritual aspiration for the Hierarchy, collaborating along the centuries for the benefit and evolution of the Planet.
The Masters are beings who, like ourselves have tread Their Path, some of Them on Earth, some on other Planets. Mankind, because of its low evolution looks at Them as supernatural and unattainable beings. Because of Their evolution, these beings became the Guides of Humanity, sacrificing Themselves in order to inspire men to perform the animal transcendency by means of devotion, to the consonance of their hearts, and through the Power of Service endowed mankind with the creativeness which drives us towards the affirmation of consciousness. Actually the human being is a being of Love in his potentiality.
It is when the “Isis veils” start being revealed, that the human being attains illumination and goes beyond common mentality and visualizes and realizes Truth in himself. Meanwhile humanity on Earth, is nothing but a “mass” of beings who little differ from one another.
It is only when man attains illumination that he gets away from that “mass” because he goes from human evolution to spiritual evolution, or rather, from the human to the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm the permanent state of consciousness is love. All men have to attain that state and that realm, the True Liberty.
Human words are too inadequate and poor to describe a minute corner of that wonderful and enigmatic world which dwells in infinity. They are too scanty to express the echo of the majestic greatness of the unfathomed realm of spirit. If we reason, only for a moment, on the concept of God referring to the reality of His essence, to the perfect law of His infinite Love, we shall feel in our spirit the absolute truth that all is light in His Light. All is in Him because He is the only Existent.

Under the inextinguishable strength of Spirit
All action stills
All feeling silences
Light irradiates, harmonizes
From the source of God’s Thought.
May all anguish cease
In this heart where the Temple of aspiration lies
And adorns my courage.

Predestined are the places
Neither in space nor in time
But in Infinity.


“After having chosen the Lord and the Guru
no retreat is possible. The path lies only
onward, and sooner or later with ease or
difficulties you will come to the Teacher”.

The happiness to find Him shall come to all of us.
I shall try to convey to the reader, in these pages, the joy I feel for having found Him. May the reading of these make men perceive their own value as human beings, the existence of their Will and Power, their Light, chiefly when pervaded by spiritual aspiration.
May the Might and the Light of God guide men whether Buddhist, Christian, Islamic or Hindu. Let us unite our hearts, so that even in this Era the various religions embrace each other in a common aspiration the Universal Religion. How beautiful the aspiration when focused in the Hierarchy.
This book is dedicated to all those who conscious or unconsciously belong to the Spiritual Order of Portugal, for here I shall give some light and understanding on the esoteric and spiritual path of the Portugal History.
As a daughter of a historical past, and being part of it, I am authorized by the Order itself to do it, for this book is inspired by it. I would never dared to do it, had it not been suggested. I am not gifted for literary works but have the intention to impart all the Light given to me, and if in this purpose I can help some to identify themselves with the Order, there will be great gratitude in my heart.
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